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Every client has a unique situation.
Here are a handful of the solutions we've helped create:

LiveFeed: Making a Difference

LiveFeed is the banner personal project of the True Edge team. In partnership with Operation Food Search, Washington University business school students, and the live music community of Saint Louis we are creating a cultural movement to bring out the best in people by merging going out for a good time with making a positive difference.

In this endeavor, the True Edge team has flexed their marketing, branding, networking, collaboration, event planning, promotion, and web development skills to create a phenomenon poised to be much bigger than themselves.

Swan Packaging: A Best-in-Industry Web Presence

Swan Packaging is a smart, nimble manufacturing and engineering firm operating in a often overlooked industry whose products we touch every day: packaging. The elegance of what they do is worth conveying such that their clients can appreciate and comprehend their work. In collaboration with Swan Packaging we have crafted their message to be engaging, enticing and easy to follow.

TheraStride: Conveying Cutting-Edge Hope

The retailer of an exciting new medical product needed a web presence to market their goods. We realized that, to be effective, the site would also have to serve as a resource for doctors, hospital administrators, and patients. We went and consulted directly with the doctor who invented the product to ensure that we created content that was accurate, accessible, and helpful. We then worked with the retailer on branding and design.

Office Expo: A Sharp New Look

The old used to betray a sort of piece-meal evolution of design and features. Working from only the Office Expo logo with its four key colors, we created a complete look and feel for a new website that was accepted and adopted immediately without further revision.

Into this design we built a comprehensive content and inventory management system, designed in particular to make it as easy as possible for the non-tech savvy administrator to manage and keep site content fresh and interesting for repeat visitors.

*Confidentiality prevents us from disclosing the identity of most of our larger clients. Many of them you're probably familiar with. We'll treat you with the same level of discretion.

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